Temporary surveillance

Temporary security system in case of intrusion and attack

We have established our temporary surveillance to focus on two areas:


Our mobile solution for intrusion and attack is based on a simple, practical and above all effective concept: a temporary ‘alarm’ case. Reliable and easy to place, this case is made up of various peripherals that can detect movement and send an attack alert.

Mobile Protect
Each case consists of four motion sensors and a remote control. A 4G transmitter is integrated. The case is therefore easy to install in interior areas of all kinds.


Nos solutions vidéo mobiles professionnelles vous assurent la meilleure sécurité en temps réel pour vos chantiers, expositions et surveillance ponctuelles. We offer the following range of temporary CCTV solutions:

Mobile Cam
With a robust and adapted design, these mobile units are equipped with the latest video technology which enable us to remotely provide: perimeter surveillance, video patrol, access control or even alarm verification.

Technical data:

  • 2 thermal cameras, 1 PTZ camera, 1 LED floodlight, 1 speaker
  • Area: 120 x 120 cm
  • Open area: 300 x 300 cm
  • Height of metal container: 254 cm
  • Mast height: 7 m
  • Weight: 450 kg

Mobile View
Each box can manage 4 cameras based on a concept of proactive or classic CCTV. A 4G modem is integrated. With a robust design, the box is IP66 and therefore easy to install in interior or exterior worksite areas.

Example scenarios:

  • Unauthorised dumping: fly tipping detected via remote access, high-quality videos intended to serve as evidence; enables vehicle number plates to be read and recorded.
  • Temporary warehouses: increase in offences and incivility punishable by law
  • Surveillance of public events
  • Security on construction sites
  • Traffic control
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Who is temporary surveillance for?

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