Protectas processing and intervention

Onsite intervention for greater security

Protectas processing and intervention

Remote monitoring: the guarantee of the alarm system’s effectiveness

For homes and business premises to be well protected, it is essential to connect the alarm system to a centre that specialises in handling alarms. Each time an alarm is triggered, an operator is immediately notified. They analyse the cause of the alarm, and if the break-in is confirmed, they can trigger an on-site response by a security officer and/or possibly the Police*.
*Only after confirmation.

Proof by picture: the assurance of effective remote monitoring

Most alarm messages are not generated by break-ins. Door not closed properly, animal locked in, careless owner, etc. Many benign events that are systematically signalled to the operator. In these cases, a response is unnecessary. But when it comes to burglary, every minute counts. And the video is now the most reliable and fastest tool to remove any doubts you might have. Thanks to the image, the operator of the alarm processing centre sees what has triggered the alarm, and can act accordingly.

You are safe

Alarm processing centre

Specialising in effective alarm systems, regardless of manufacturer, Protectas guarantees a rapid respond to alarms. In the alarm processing centres, alarms and incoming events are processed quickly and as instructed by trained personnel. The system records alarms, faults and status messages of all kinds, e.g., burglary, assault or technical notifications. Protectas mobilises its emergency services or public emergency services to come to your aid. Thus, you are safe at all times and in all circumstances.

Help and support

Response services

A quick and professional analysis of alarm signals headed by an alarm processing centre equipped with the most modern technologies ensures immediate assistance and support from our response teams if they should receive an alarm signal from a system connected to Protectas. Response teams are sent upon receipt of an alarm signal. Dangers are defined according to criteria such as threat, burglary, fire and technical failure. In case of alarm our specialised staff set about coordinating the response right away with the necessary services.

In case of alarm triggered by a burglary, we first check the area around the point of call. After studying and analysing the situation and the risks, security personnel enter the site. If they find evidence of burglary or if they feel that the situation is clearly dangerous, the appropriate public services are immediately alerted for a joint response. On site, our colleagues represent the client in their absence and take the necessary measures to prevent consequential damage. The response teams are provided with effective equipment including vehicles, transmission equipment, personal protection equipment and the information concerning the site of the alarm, access roads and technical installations. Our services will not leave your site until security is fully restored.

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