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The safety of your isolated workers

A worker is considered isolated (or ‘lone’) if they are out of sight and out of hearing of other people, even in geographical proximity.

This is why the notion of isolation must be understood in terms of the location of the workstation as well as the environment, organisation or schedules. And it can also be extended to the notion of occasional isolation, such as the momentary absence of a colleague who is usually present.


Alert notifications

Fall sensor


Our ‘Safe Touch’ solution is a geolocation and safety tag for lone workers. Very small and lightweight, it is also shockproof and splash resistant. It is worn on a belt. An SOS alarm can be transmitted via the SOS button. The Safe Touch features a fall sensor (tilt, inactivity). These alarms can be switched off by the user. It picks up automatically to talk to the person and carry out a check for any false alarms.

Automatically or upon pressing it, the Safe Touch triggers calls and/or sends a SMS to emergency teams or a remote monitoring centre.

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