A professional CCTV service

Our CCTV solutions for businesses and individuals

Our solutions are focused on:

  • classic CCTV with local or remote recording of events
  • proactive CCTV with a security solution connected to a remote monitoring centre, to enable immediate action.

Why equip yourself with CCTV?

CCTV allows you to:

  • Deter and prevent: visible cameras and information signs act as deterrents
  • Monitor sensitive areas (checkouts, aisles, departments, store entry and exit, etc.)
  • Reassure staff, the public and service providers
  • Secure the exterior and surroundings of buildings (parking, storage areas, entrances, etc.)
  • Combat security vulnerabilities in general
  • Verify suspected incidents captured by video or image from remote monitoring stations
  • Decide on confrontation proactively with intervention on the ground
  • Provide evidence and identify suspects in the event of an offence and/or dispute; video protection is the essential aid to investigation
  • Save money: it can replace guard or security requirements, especially during night hours
  • Reliable and precise traceability tool
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Who is CCTV for?

Video protection is for everyone! And we are specialists in this area for all SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) and individual needs.