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Classic video surveillance and proactive video surveillance as a deterrent and for prevention, and for much more.

Optimise the performance of your business

The use of advanced analytics provides an unprecedented insight into day-to-day operations, enabling rapid responses to incidents and the discovery of opportunities for operational improvement. With advanced analysis such as

  • Line crossing alert
  • Counting of people/objects
  • Intrusion detection
  • Tampering
  • Theft
Business Cloud-View

Key strengths


Fully-encrypted video during transmission and at rest.

Cameras isolated from the network.

No open ports or firewall configuration needed.


Intuitive interface, artificial intelligence, and advanced analytics.

Smart bandwidth management.

Triple redundant storage of video and metadata.


Compatible with existing IP or analogue cameras.

Cloud storage with on-premise recording options.

Reduced capital expenditure with the cloud-based pay-as-you-go model.

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A solution offered in partnership with Eagle Eye Networks



The BUSINESS CLOUD-VIEW offer contains:

  • 1 bridge & 1 switch
  • 1 dome
  • Secure access with 7 days of recording
  • Maintenance & technical support
  • 2 “video surveillance” stickers


  • Pay only what you need (N.B. days recording)
  • Flexible, intuitive, and reliable web/APP platform
  • Support for compatible cameras that already exist on site
  • Complete centralised multi-site management
  • 100% genuine cloud solution
  • Reinforced cybersecurity with digital certifications, TLS encryption and no open ports on the Internet -> no IT management required for the business
  • Compatible with the SEC on-demand concept


  • 24/7 pro-monitoring camera service
  • SEC on-demand concept
  • 14 and 30 days of recording
  • Video analysis and artificial intelligence
    – Line crossing alert
–Counting of people/objects
    – Intrusion detection
    – Tampering
    – Theft

From CHF 1’690.- and CHF 45.-/month

Business Case – Example for a store with 6 cameras

Why retailers choose the Cloud Eagle Eye video surveillance system:

  • Easily add or remove any user and adjust access levels for seamless video management between different sites
  • Scalability at a flexible price
  • Possibility of integrating existing IP and analogue cameras by coaxial cable.
  • Quickly locate incidents or thefts and share video evidence with the appropriate authorities.
  • Deep-linked, time-stamped sequences, sent by email from personalised alerts, give you direct access to the recording of events.

Hardware and Installation



1 Eagle Eye Location Setup Fee Bridge 304 / 15 IP

CHF 690.00

2 Eagle Eye Switch SW05m (4 Port Managed POE+, with 100M Uplink) / 4 POE

CHF 238.00

5 HDBW3241E-AS 2MP IR Fixed focal Dome WizSense Network Camera / Mini dome

CHF 1’450.00

1 HDBW3541R-ZAS 5MP IR Vari-focal Dome WizSense Network Camera / Dome

CHF 630.00

7 Man hours (per hardware) / Man hours

CHF 1’050.00

1 Travel fees CH / Travel

CHF 120.00


CHF 4’178.00

Monthly fee



6 Eagle Eye VMS HD1 7 Days Cloud Recording Yearly

CHF 40.50

1 Eagle Eye Analytic Counting Yearly

CHF 3.33

1 Video surveillance maintenance

CHF 39.00


CHF 82.83 / month


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Business Cloud-View

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